COPJOT LLC is an American company however, we welcome international customers. Our company will go the extra mile to assist you with creating a COPJOT Patrol Notebook for you whether your interest is to purchase 1 COPJOT or looking to outfit your agency, staff or shift.

COPJOT Patrol Notebooks are very professional looking while assisting the patrol officer with staying organized. They also provide for uniformity and add a nice touch to a public safety uniform. What you will find with COPJOT is our product is Sleek, Durable, Professional and Affordable.


We offer the following pricing for international customers plus shipping:

    1-10   Patrol Notebooks $14.99 Each

    11-99 Patrol Notebooks $12.99 Each

    100+  Patrol Notebooks $10.99 Each


We also offer the following pricing for Notepad Refill's both lined and unlined. Although refill pads for the COPJOT can be found online and at office store retailers we offer them here on at a great price. Shipping to international locations outside of the United States will be added to your order.

     3 notepads for $5

     20 notepads for $30

     50 notepads for $75

     100 notepads for $130

What you have to do to start the process

Fill out and submit the below form to us. Attaching an image is not mandatory but is encouraged if you have access to a sharp image or patch. Please allow a few days for us to review your request and get back to you with photos of a prototype.

What will happen next

Once a prototype is complete and approved we will then send you an invoice via your email address for the order. The invoice that you receive will have a breakdown of your order and it has several payment options right online. 


After payment of the invoice is made turnaround time is anywhere from a couple of days to 30 days depending on quantity of items ordered and time of year. 

Shipping charges for international customers outside of the United States will be added to the invoice.